• Image of The One-to-One issue #35

Someone recently described Selections as a “personal experience.” I had not thought of it that way before, but when I looked back at our 34 previous issues I realised how true this definition is. It is about where we go, the people we meet along the way and how their art makes us feel.

This issue’s theme – One on One – certainly alludes to the personal side of art. It was while on a trip to Mexico in December last year that I first met Tony Chambers, editor-in-chief of Wallpaper magazine. As a result of that chance encounter, Selections has the pleasure of sharing a special Wallpaper excerpt this issue, in which Tony looks back on highlights of Wallpaper’s guest editors over the years. Additionally, while exploring contemporary art on a recent trip to Iran, I had the pleasure of getting to know Catherine de Zegher, one of the most influential contemporary art curators and a major figure in feminist art history. Our exchange led Catherine to take time out of her busy schedule to curate a section of the magazine.

Content: AlBahie, Ali Banisadr, Bahi Ghobril, Catherine de Zegher, Christie's, Dubai, Design District, Eggarat Wongcharit, Jamal Al-Moosawi, Karo Akpokiere, Khaled Ramadan, Kiran Nadar, Leila Alaoui, Marwan Chamaa, Maymanah Farhat, Mohamed Al Mazrouei, Nadim Karam, Owais Husain, Pascal Odille, Peter Zimmermann, Tammam Azzam, Umi Sinha, Zaki Nusseibeh

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