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It has been a season rich in Biennales, collaborations with artists and mind-blowing exhibitions. Selections had a chance to talk to the amazing Samia Halaby in Dubai, where she told us all about her concurrent exhibitions at Ayyam Gallery. Halaby’s conversational prowess inspires a gleeful wish to memorise every word.
Selections also participated in the first ever Antarctic Biennale. It was a life-changing experience for all the participants, including our writer. I strongly encourage you to read her article, which unravels every humanistic and artistic detail of the journey.

Content: Antarctic Biennale, Atassi Foundation, Catherine De Zegher, Christine Tohme, Dia Azzawi, Guillaume Cuiry, Jean Boghossian, Kuwait Modern Art Museum, Mathaf, Mohammad Afkhami, Rashid Rana, Rose Issa, Sadik Kwaish Alfraji, Sam Bardaouil & Till Fellrath, Samia Halaby, Sursock Museum, Venice Biennale, Yasmina Nysten, Zeina Arida

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