• Image of Curriculum Vitae #44

Times are changing. With this new, redesigned, reimagined issue of Selections, Anastasia Nysten takes over as Editor-in-Chief. As founder of the magazine, I am proud to celebrate its 12-year anniversary and grateful for the work of our editorial team and our various contributors, a group of experts who put together beautiful words and images for our discerning audience.

In the current issue, we invited 22 artists from various sectors in the arts to share their Curriculum Vitae, in the most artistic way possible and in the manner in which they’d like to present themselves to our audience. We invite you to explore the creativity of painters, photographers, designers and architects as you’ve never seen it before. In addition, Salma Tuqan, Curator of Contemporary Arab Art and Design at London’s V&A Museum, is our guest for the curated section, in which she shares exquisite pieces of art.

This year, we plan to launch the 44th issue of Selections simultaneously with the Cultural Narratives art initiative on February 24 in Askerlal Avenue, Warehouse 61, in Dubai. The exhibition includes over 160 commissioned works on canvases measuring 20x20 cm, all created by Arab and Persian artists. The show draws a visual map of the Arab and Persian art worlds, as it unveils unique works from Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Tunisia, Egypt, Palestine, UAE and Sudan, transmitting the exceptional character of each country represented. A limited edition book has been created especially for the show.

Selections is about trust and partnership. We will always strive to keep you engaged, and your feedback is most important to us. We look forward to having you with us during our upcoming journey, with Anastasia Nysten at the helm of the magazine.